Squirrel, The Risk Analyzer

Some call it corporate responsibility.

We just call it doing the right thing.

At Vertex11, we believe in leaving things better than how we found them. That includes our communities and the world we all live in. We’re committed to supporting organizations that strive to make a positive difference to the environment, the youth, and the equity and equality of people. Below are some of the organizations we supprt, we currently have and are always on the lookout for new causes to get behind.

organizations we support

  • mantatrust
  • 4ocean
  • hsf
  • richmondcyclingcorps

The Manta Trust is a non-profit organization whose goal is a sustainable future for the oceans, where manta rays and their relatives thrive in healthy, diverse marine ecosystems. The manta is a symbol for Vertex11 because of its intelligence, self-awareness and many exceptional abilities. We support the Manta Trust because it helps to protect this amazing species and the ecosystems that support them. Learn more at www.mantatrust.org.


4ocean is dedicated to recovering ocean plastic and marine debris in order to end the ocean plastic crisis. They’ve recovered over fifteen thousand pounds of trash from oceans since 2017 and have worked to re-purpose those materials to keep them out of landfills. The earth is 71% water. If our oceans are polluted, our planet is in trouble. That’s why Vertex11 supports this organization and their goal to clean up the liter humans create that ultimately end up in our oceans. Learn more at www.4ocean.com.


The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is on a mission to empower students and parents with the knowledge and resources to successfully complete a higher education. This organization is near and dear to our hearts. They supported Vertex11 founder, Ray Vazquez, with a scholarship and it’s vital that we return that support in order to pay it forward for generations to come. Learn more at www.hsf.net.


The Richmond Cycling Corps is on a mission to educate and empower the lives of Richmond youth living in the heart of the East End by constantly pivoting toward relevant outreach. Cycling can be a powerful force in making a real difference in people’s lives. Through community, education, employment, health & wellness and individual support, this organization is going beyond the bicycle to be a game changer for today’s youth. Learn more at www.richmondcyclingcorps.org.

The Swarm

The Swarm Network is Vertex11’s affiliation with firms across the United States and Internationally to provide expertise, capability and velocity to any challenge our clients face.

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