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We are on a mission to be a hero for organizations in need.

You need answers. And you need them quickly. The right partnership can help you connect all the dots so that you and your company come out smarter and stronger on the other side. Where on the contrary, the wrong partnership has the potential to do just the opposite. It can set you back and waste your valuable time and resources. Vertex11 is not the biggest partner in the room, but we are the smartest. We can help you anticipate any potential issues, and better see the big picture. It’s a game of chess, and we are always eleven moves ahead, matching adversities with a solution every step of the way. This is how we deliver success and heroics for you and your company.

  • The Who

    Vertex11 is a team of highly experienced experts that specialize in delivering world-class cybersecurity solutions to organizations on an international scale. No matter the situation, we have seen it all and know how to solve any challenge. Moving quickly and intelligently is who we are.

  • The Why

    The right partnership can help you connect all the dots so that you and your company come out smarter and stronger on the other side. The wrong partnership can do just the opposite, setting you back and wasting your valuable time and resources. This is why companies partner with us.

  • The How

    We help you anticipate any potential issues and better see the big picture. It is a game of chess, and we are always eleven moves ahead, matching adversities with a solution every step of the way. This is how we deliver success for you and your company every time.

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Meet Our Mantas

  • Ray

    Ray Vazquez


    Ray is an accomplished and entrepreneurial cybersecurity, governance, and risk executive.
    He has extensive experience in strategy, implementation, remediation, and regulatory compliance. Throughout his career, Ray has sought opportunities to broaden his business and technical background through his belief that strong cybersecurity capabilities require a solid foundation in the understanding and operation of the business you are seeking to protect.

  • Bill Baugh Icon

    Bill Baugh

    SWIFT & Risk Management

    Bill is instrumental in assisting banks & financial firms in assessing and implementing security programs, controls, policies, processes, and procedures. He’s a SWIFT assessor and an expert at security risk management services. With an extraordinary ability to document, assess, and identify process gaps and opportunities. He designs security controls to comply with various regulatory frameworks, and manages cybersecurity remediation projects, while implementing GRC tools.

  • Manta pics 0000 joe

    Joe Pomerantz

    Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery & Cybersecurity

    Joe has extensive experience in developing and implementing business continuity, disaster recovery, and cyber resiliency programs. He is an expert in assisting organizations to achieve success in implementing and improving their resiliency posture.

  • Manta pics 0001 syed

    Misbahuddin Syed

    IT SOX & Cybersecurity

    Syed is an expert in information technology, security, risk management, process re-engineering, and process improvement. Syed is responsible for designing and operationalizing programs that manage vulnerabilities, improve security, prevent data loss, and more.

  • Manta pics 0002 jack

    Jack Kiger

    Cybersecurity & Risk Management

    Jack is an IT leader with extensive practical and progressive operational, managerial, and technical expertise across varied industries. He is an impactful, strategic leader experienced in developing and supporting project management lifecycle, software development life cycle, vendor utilization, risk mitigation, and process management including formulating, implementing, and re-engineering methodologies.

  • Joeseph

    Joseph Giunta

    SWIFT, IT Security Compliance & Risk Management

    Joseph is a skilled Governance, Risk and Compliance professional with a strong control mindset: identifying and mitigating risks while ensuring proper remediation with the appropriate project management. He possesses the ability to properly challenge processes delivering successful outcomes for our clients. Joe is a member of the SWIFT Assessment team, helping financial institutions ensure their defenses against cyberattacks are up to date and effective.

  • Manta pics 0003 nick

    Nick Vazquez

    Operations Lead

    Nick leads critical activities of the company such as knowledge management, recruiting, events management, and general administrative support. He has his fingers on the pulse of Vertex11 and is the person known to make it happen.

  • Raoul

    Raoul Morales

    Revenue Operations Director

    Raoul is a highly-skilled Sales & Marketing professional with a talent for building strategic business plans that effectively identify and prioritize opportunities. He has an extraordinary knack for uncovering client needs and delivering unparalleled support from the beginning of a relationship and throughout the partnership.


Some Call It Corporate Responsibility.

We just call it doing the right thing.

At Vertex11, we believe in leaving things better than how we found them. This goes for our communities and the planet. We are committed to supporting organizations that strive to make a positive difference to the environment, the youth, and the equity and equality of people. Below are some of the organizations we support. Vertex11 is always on the lookout for new causes to get behind.

Organizations We Support

Manta web logo

The Manta Trust is a non-profit organization whose goal is a sustainable future for the oceans, where manta rays and their relatives thrive in healthy, diverse marine ecosystems. The manta is a symbol for Vertex11 because of its intelligence, self-awareness and many exceptional abilities. We support the Manta Trust because it helps to protect this amazing species and the ecosystems that support them. Learn more at www.mantatrust.org.

Support 2

4ocean is dedicated to recovering ocean plastic and marine debris in order to end the ocean plastic crisis. They have recovered over fifteen thousand pounds of trash from oceans since 2017 and have worked to re-purpose those materials to keep them out of landfills. The earth is 71% water. If our oceans are polluted, our planet is in trouble. For this reason, Vertex11 supports this organization and their goal to clean up the liter humans create that ultimately end up in our oceans. Learn more at www.4ocean.com.

Support 3

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is on a mission to empower students and parents with the knowledge and resources to successfully complete higher education. This organization is near and dear to our hearts. They supported Vertex11 founder, Ray Vazquez, with a scholarship and it is vital that we return that support in order to pay it forward for generations to come. Learn more at www.hsf.net.

Support 4

The Richmond Cycling Corps is on a mission to educate and empower the lives of Richmond youth living in the heart of the East End by constantly pivoting toward relevant outreach. Cycling can be a powerful force in making a real difference in people’s lives. Through community, education, employment, health & wellness, and individual support, this organization goes beyond the bicycle to be a game-changer for today’s youth. Learn more at www.richmondcyclingcorps.org.

Fold of Honer 480 285 px

Folds of Honor’s mission statement is “Honor Their Sacrifice. Educate Their Legacy.” This short yet powerful statement shows the organization’s dedication to helping the families of those who have fallen in combat. Almost all of the money raised by Folds of Honor goes directly into scholarships and other educational programs. Learn more at https://foldsofhonor.org/

Sail Ahead

Sail Ahead uses the ocean as a therapeutic platform to foster healing in our military community. Raising PTSD and veteran suicide awareness are the primary goals as well as remembering Our Mates. Learn more at SailAhead.org